Help: cd files now shown as cda files
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    Default Help: cd files now shown as cda files

    Hey, not very djing related but still audio related and I really need some help it's driving me crazy.

    Cd audio files now only appear as cda files.
    Media players read them but very shortly and skips to the next as they are reading the cda files that are very light and contains no audio (they are only shortcuts to the tracks on the cd).

    Now that said:
    - I understand what is a cda file
    - The issue just popped-up for an unknown reason
    - I was reading and ripping cds easily just before
    - For the life of me I just can't understand what changed something
    - I tried sfc scannow command
    - Check if the shell detection was stopped
    - Reinstalled itunes
    - Same issue whatever it is with VLC, Itunes, WMP, etc...
    - No internet research gave me the slightest start of an answer or a guess
    - Cds are fine and read on another computer.
    - Same issue whatever it is with burnt cd, original ones, etc...
    - there's no problem with autoplay features and softwares by default settings
    - I'm using windows 7

    Any guesses about what could have happened?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your insight
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