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    Default Flavio Emr's setup

    Hey guys my name is Flavio buuuuut I go by Flavio Emr. I'm a DJ from Lima, Perú. I've recently gotten very serious with the whole DJing deal and its become a part of my career along with music production. I've been lurking the forums and findings tons of tips and tricks that have helped me take my skill forward. I find you guys extremely helpful

    I still consider myself a beginner but I think I've grown very fast in a short time and now I'm working a lot in remixing live. Thats what I like about DJing the most. Adding stuff in my head that I think would improve the track or give it more variation.

    Heres my setup:


    JBL studio monitors (I know its not ideal but I use them for production as well and they're portable.

    It's a great portable setup tbh.
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    come on man...take a picture of your set up at home. Don't be shy.
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