Pioneer DJM S9 filter resonance?
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    Default Pioneer DJM S9 filter resonance?

    Hey. Does anyone know, before I buy an S9 if you can change the resonance on the filters. I'm coming from an Allen & Heath Xone 92 which has awesome analog filters with resonance control. Would be great if the S9 has this too?

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    There is no resonance controll on that unit. The NXS2 has got that, but the filters are still a kid's toy in comparison to the Xone Filters. Plus, these bipolar filters are not as handy, since you must hit center position to take out the filter. If you are too enthusiastic, you might activate the filter into the other direcion, if you don't press the on/off button in center position. And there is no combination with the bandpass possible. The guys who ever worked with Xone Filters will never be satisfied with something else I guess. In my case, it that way.

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    There is a way to change the resonance on the filters for the DJM S9, but the issue is its software controlled and not hardware controlled. You essentially "set it and forget it" in regards to the filter resonance in the DJM S9 setup menu. Far from ideal

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