Traktor Pro 2 vs Serato DJ / Flip
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    Default Traktor Pro 2 vs Serato DJ / Flip

    I hope I can get some unbiased input here, though I appreciate all comments.

    I am a at home DJ, having stopped doing gigs, raves, festivals, etc due to family and career. However, I still express my love of music through mixing on a regular basis. I have used Traktor Pro for years with my Numark 4Trak (also using Midi Fighter 3D and F1 Kontrol). Love the customization with mapping, remix decks, stems, and the full feature depth of Traktor. I am taking a big dive and buying the Pioneer DDJ SZ2. However, I am very unsure if I should try to find Traktor mappings for the SZ2 (right now I don't see any, and not sure if the existing SZ ones will work since most everything is the same), or go right into Serato Dj / Flip which is included with the hardware.

    I do all genres, but mainly Techno, EDM, House, DnB, Moombah, etc. More of a digital type, not really into scratching unless it's Old School mixing. What I love most about Traktor is the flexibility in changing things how I like, using my accessories, setting my grids and loops, and the general lay out (horizontal vs vertical).

    For those using Serato DJ / Flip, and those who did move over, what are some top pros and cons? I know each do things a little different, and I will play with it a bit to see if it works for me. My first wish is that a fully fleshed out Traktor map is available for the DDJ SZ2 (if indeed the SZ ones work). However, I could be convinced if it does everything I need it to.

    Thank you for your time.

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    You'll be fine using Serato DJ. There is no need to purchase extra softwre when you do not need to bruv.
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    It's very personal, you should try both and make your own opinion.

    For me i prefere traktor for the user interface and the customization etc. BUT and it's a big but , i prefere serato's (Pioneers) sound.
    I didnt want to wait for a second hands Pioneer mixer + a D2+Z1+F1 setup or whatever so i purchased the S8.

    I like it, a lot. But i miss Pioneers sound

    I had a Pioneer DDJ-SR and was looking for a 4 channel mixer with phono in, -> S8 was the cheapest all in one solution on second hand market.
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