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    Pioneer is doing a good job in their current products, but what I would like to see from Pioneer is a Mashup between a CDJ and a controller.

    One of the two main things, what I miss in the controller range is the possibility to easily combine USB media, Serato and Rekordbox DJ.
    The second thing is the high resolution touch screens from the latest table tops.

    The DDJ-RZX was a nice try, but the controller is way too big for mobile DJ's and you can't use USB.
    The DDJ-SZ2 is almost perfect, but lacks high resolution screens AND USB media functionality.

    Screen and USB
    So what I did is used the basics of the DDJ-SZ2 with a high resolution screen and USB functionality of Rekordbox (and of course Serato) into a new unit: The XDJ-RSZ.

    To make the screens fit on the controller, we have to compromise on the Jogwheel. Otherwise the XDJ-RSZ will be still too large for mobile DJ's.

    On the mixer section I missed also the beat effects of the DJM. These are very strong effects in my opinion so I really want this on a future controller. The three effect controls from Serato are not there anymore, but I replaced these by the pad effects on the bottom of the player section like the DDJ-RZ. Because we now have the beautiful beat effects inherited from the DJM900NXS2 on the XDJ-RSZ.

    Overall the controller is a litte bit smaller in length than the DDJ-SZ2 if Pioneer makes it like this. The other dimensions are exactly the same comparing to the DDJ-SZ2. The high resolution screen lights a tiny little bit out, but it’s very minimal. It will fit in the bag of the DDJ-SZ2 so you can easily bring this with you to an event.

    With the XDJ-RSZ you will have a perfect controller that is not too big, but still with all the desired functionalities of a professional mobile DJ.
    You have all the functionalities at your disposal: USB, Serato, Rekordbox and high resolution touch screen from the CDJ2000NXS2.
    I think the video functionality is not needed for the most mobile DJ's on this thing. So the price might be somewhere between the €2000,- and €2500,-?

    I hope this let Pioneer think about the next generation controller.
    Please let me know If you have any complaints or suggestions!
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