I am Karan from Coimbatore , India .

I need some advice on d purchase on my next controller ,I would like to tell u that I u have no formal training in DJing(I have learnt a little by watching YouTube videos) I used to have a numark mixtrack pro but sold it coz I was not happy with jus adding effects and looping(that was pretty much wot I did on it) I know we can play with d faders and even scratch n stuff ,I wished for a more advanced n professional controller,I wanted a sampler in my controller and I wanted full control over the samples , I want to actually remix a track(change the beats or beat grid or wotever it is called ,I wanted to add my own beats that I can create on a sampler) rather than just play tracks one after another .
I am considering buying the traktor kontrol f1 to serve my purpose and I intend to buy a traktor kontrol s2 along with it , I can also buy the S4 with the f1 or just buy the s5 or the s8 both without the f1
I have a budget constraint coz I am buying this jus for my passion and enthusiasm , I will only play in my bedroom and maybe wid friends and family , I don't intend playing at clubs .
Is this set up goin to serve my intention​ or should I get something else ,
the traktor s5 and the s8 r a lil more expensive and also they give me lesser control over remix decks as compared to the f1 and I read some reviews of the s8 and they advised people to stick on to their f1 and controller set up,I maybe wrong
I can also buy the pioneer xdj Rx because pioneer is d industry standard (eventhou I don't think I'll ever play in the industry) but I don't think I can do as much remixing with it as compared to the controllers mentioned above, i can b wrong again .

Wot should I buy ?
Should it be any of the above controllers mentioned above or should I be some ableton controller or something like that , again my intension is mainly to remix songs but I would also like to dj(I mean play and mix songs for a small crowd) , coz I feel ableton instruments are mainly for producing n less for DJing .

Also I would like to know wot do DJ's do at concerts , how do they constantly get the sweep rise beat effect that makes the crowd jump , It looked to me like it's an auto loop that reduces in size or an echo effect that increases in size on its own both combined with a delay and creates a lot of energy , which controller or mixer can do that , coz I see d DJ's also jumping rather than reducing d loop , how does this effect happen automatically , is d set pre-recorded ? With which software or instruments do they pre-record ?

Thanks in advance 😊