Midi fighter 64 vs launchpad pro
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    Default Midi fighter 64 vs launchpad pro

    Now that the new midi fighter is coming out soon i have a pretty interesting question about price and use

    What should i buy?

    I rly want to buy a midi fighter 64 but i think that the launchpad pro will be more beneficial now that is rgb just like the midi fighter 64

    And price: The midi fighter 64 will cost around 400-650 dollars and the launchpad pro cost only 300 dollars

    So what should i buy?

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    Default Midi fighter 64

    When working with both of them I found that launchpads have horrible buttons that made it impossible to play songs live. Launchpad pros have velocity sensitive buttons that aren't the best imo because I have to hurt my fingers more just to play right. All the extra things the launchpad has are so unnecessary if you only want a performance tool.

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    Pretty interesting points on this other thread discussing the same topics.

    Worth noting is that there is an Ableton script coming for the 64 real soon which extends it's functionality, it's quite more than a pretty box with arcade buttons

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