CALL OUT - Mixed genre - mini mix- TEST YOUR SKILLS RULES
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    Default CALL OUT - Mixed genre - mini mix- TEST YOUR SKILLS RULES

    Each DJ picks 2 songs (Depending how many join.) Any genre. Must be accesseble to all. Ie Free to download somewhere. Here's a start

    Once we have enough Dj's 5 - 10 the battle begins. Entries in for the following weekend.
    Each DJ must use 80% or more of the chosen tracks to mix. Effects and SMALL samples can be used but must be disclosed with the mix.
    So we might end up with 6 DJ's, 12 tracks to choose from (3 x DnB, 2 x Trap, 2 x Techno, 1 x Rock, 1 x Hiphop, 2 x Trance, 1 x Hardcore)

    Open to anyone, beginner or legend.
    The idea is, we get to see how we, as Dj's, think. We should end up with 5 - 10 different mixes with the same songs, where we can learn and ask why or how someone did that mix. And see the different styles portrayed.

    If I get interest, we'll set the rules a bit more solid.

    BRING IT!!!!!!!!!

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    I think this is great idea but should limit to 1 bpm range. Like 124-130 maybe

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