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    Hi there. I am in need of some help. I have posted this on some other forum pages but have had no luck. A few people have had the same problem but i can not work it out.

    My files have gone missing, again! Third time now, and i'm beginning to lose faith in Rekordbox. I backed up my data just a few days ago, and it's now in a "Compressed file" which i don't know what to do with for a start.

    My files say they are missing, and everytime i try and relocate them it says the files are not where they're meant to be?! What am i doing to mess this up?! It can't be that complicated surely.

    Please help, i am sick of this happening again and again i require assistance. I spent around 4 days installing and analyzing these tracks (5770) and need this sorting ASAP.

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    You need to give more details. What platform? What software? What format is the compressed file?
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    The first thing to understand is that this isnt a Rekordbox problem, this is user error and a lack of understanding of the program.

    Rekordbox doesnt just lose files, you are doing something that is making it happen. Most likely you are using an external drive that has changed drive letters, or you have moved your music folders.

    Files dont compress themselves. If you are using windows, turn "folder compression" off.

    Verify where your files actually are, and point Rbox to that location and it should rebuild the library.


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