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    Quote Originally Posted by 3784M View Post
    Hi Slay,

    It's 4.3.0 rev.9650-10861-10857... I can record on Audacity but it's one of those things thats disproportionately annoying! LOL! I tried throwing it all out of the window but that's not helped! I don't have a problem using Audacity but it's a tech problem that is like an itch I can't can't scratch away!
    I know what you mean. Does the DJM-2000 Nexus have any kind of Utility Setting app like the DJM-900 does?

    PS Remove the soundcloud player from your signature, it's against the forum rules.
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    Thanks again for your help. Yes, there is a basic utility that allow me to select the number of inputs / outputs from the mixer which I've set to two input channels and six output channels. Audacity and the Mac can happily see it, its just Rekord box that can't.

    Thanks for the heads up on he sound cloud. I've altered it to just a hyper link if thats not against the rules too (odd that the signature settings have sound cloud tags if it's against the rules though).

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