Traktor S5 Microphone Issues
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    I've been having issues with my wireless mic (A Gemini vhf-02m) with it cutting out at times. I thought it was the mic itself, but yesterday I was djing with a band and borrowed their Shure wireless mic, and again, it was cutting in and out. It's not an issue of range, because even right in front of the receiver, it would cut out.

    Could it be an issue with the S5? I don't have an issue when I use a wired mic. And is there anything I can use to hook up the wireless mic to something else while still keeping the speakers hooked up into the S5?


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    If a wired mic works fine then that tells me that it's something to do with the wireless mic and not the S5. Maybe there was some strong interference? Can you change the channel on the mic?

    If you want to hook the mic into something else and keep the S5 connected as well you'll probably want to look at a small external mixer. Something like this Behringer Xenyx 802:

    This will allow you to connect both the microphone and the S5 to your speakers at the same time.
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