Being Content Vs Doing what you love ...... Need advice
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    Default Being Content Vs Doing what you love ...... Need advice

    My story:
    I'm currently in a position where i am forced to leave my parents house and make a living for myself.
    I have a degree in I.T with a couple years experience.
    But my passion has always been Music, Music and Music.
    I somehow learnt how to DJ in the last few months as well as learn electronic music production.
    So far so good. My training for both have been doing well so far. Although Music production is gonna take me lot me more time to make a decent track.

    At my current situation at home, i have to leave and make a living for myself and look for another house in the next 3 months.
    But i don't want to go back to my I.T job. I don't like it and moreover it will only hinder my music training.
    I wanna do something that will not just keep me stable financially but also not spoil my music training thing as i feel a corporate job will only make things bad.

    At this point of time , i wanna ask u my fellow DJ's and Producers, what kind of job should i look for and why ?
    I need your suggestion on this. What would you do if you were on my side.
    I know being financially safe is the best bet. But i don't want that at the cost of anything.

    I was told by someone to get a mundane job so i will keep my interest going at home. But i have no idea over this. Give me your inputs.

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    What ever you do don't pack in the day job to go after a career in music, at least not until your in a position to have a solid income from it - its a brutal industry. There isn't a lot of money in producing music unless you make it big right off the bat, there is probably way more money in gigs. I think I speak for everyone that it would be amazing to travel the world playing music but it isn't all fun, imagine a week with several gigs on opposite sides of the world, no sleep, timezones, airports, delays, car journeys and then get on a stage with your a game every night.
    I myself just enjoy what I have, several releases under my belt - awesome. Labels contacting me for demos - sweet. Radio show - great. I still have a full time job, I work on call, overtime, weekends etc. I have a young family that at times makes it difficult to get time to make music / search for music even just play music. Would I like to get gigs all over the world, sure. Would I like to be a pioneer in my style, yes. But when I think of the bigger picture I wonder if I actually could hack that lifestyle, the sleep deprivation, the stress. Its not easy to stay level headed in an industry that's all about partying. I just remind myself every now and then that my full time job is what keep my passion in music going - new gear, new music etc. Im happy with my position right now 12 months ago I was playing to a bedroom wall and handing out music I made to my mates that always said it was amazing even if it was rubbish. Im not trying to stamp on your dreams or anything just trying to offer another point of view on the subject. If you want to go for it I wish you all the best and really hope you do make it but it takes years to master music production, I still have a lot to learn myself.

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    Keep your job and use it as means to afford yourself the oppurtunity to make and play music.
    Weapons, not food, not homes, not shoes
    Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal

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    get a job as a stagehand. i love being around the arts even if im not performing

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    Default Follow your heart

    I was at the same cross roads around ten years ago, young dj playing pirate radio whilst learning to music and learning from other artists the music at the time was uk grime which is a very new music even today,

    Anywhoo I choose to work and I've had several promotions over the years, a decent job and now I have my own little family, I spend around an hour or two on my xdjs a that's a week,

    Like most of the advice on here the music scene is brutal and you can play it safe and go far in IT, but you will always ask "what if"

    I read further up keep your day job and use music as your passion i would have to agree if it's in your heart chase it, let no man/woman tell you NO make it your obsession and if it's all you dream and believe it will come true,

    I wish you nothing but the best in your journey my friend - for whichever route you choose I'm sure you will be successful,

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