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    Default Facebook live stream using S4

    Hi guys, ive tried numerous times to stream my sets from home onto facebook without being able to get good sound. I now have an iphone 6 rather than the old samsung galaxy s4 i had. I have bought the rode sc4 lead too. Can anyone tell me where i take the feed from to put into the phone? i have tried taking the phonos from the back main out phono's into the lead but it doesnt record the sound its still using the phones mic and u can hear all the noise of the room rather than just the music. Do i need to take the feed from the technics amp i use? im stuck and cant seem to get the answers i need to get me streaming live with good sound. ive seen videos but they show people using the booth out on their conrtroller or mixer but the s4 doesnt have a booth out.

    cheers in advance for any help
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    First Result in Amazon reviews for your cable:

    Purchased this to use as a line in on the iPhone for live streaming videos of DJ sets and filming of music production videos .

    It does what it's meant to do but it's a bit frustrating... Firstly the cable is very flimsy. If I take this to clubs to film it will not last long!

    You have to plug the adapter into the phone first and only then plug your audio cable into the adapter. This way the phone recognizes it as a headset and stops using the internal mic. If you plug the audio cable into the adapter and then the adapter into the phone it doesn't work. Took a long evening to figure this one out. be careful on the input levels too or you will be broadcasting very badly clipping levels! Takes a bit of experimenting to get it right but not an issue.
    Second Option is to buy a USB to Lighting interface for your phone or something like an iRig 2

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