Looking for specific gear advice for a club (1000 Budget)
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    Default Looking for specific gear advice for a club (1000 Budget)

    Hi, I am new here (a lurker though!) and just wanted to say thank you all for the advice I have gathered from you lot! It has been very helpful.

    Now, I am in need of some gear advice, I have an established night at a club but I am tired of using the broken and generally garbage gear they have so I am investing in my own to bring to and from the club.

    I mostly run of CD and USB so I am in need of a controller or decks that can use both of these functions, I was looking at the XDJ-R1 however the interface seems a bit old and rubbish (You can't sort by BPM!) So some advice would be great, budget is around 1000 and I don't mind used.

    Thank You!

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    Take some time to rip the CDs and import them into your collection (filenames, tags, etc) so you can ditch them for good. Especially if they're not originals.
    Then buy a secondhand XDJ-RX or MCX8000 (that could be in your budget). Or get two CDJs if the club has a decent mixer.
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