Setup transition from production to live
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    Default Setup transition from production to live

    Forgive me if this has already been asked.. So please point me in the right direction.

    I've produced and composed music for a long time. My Setup for electronic music is:
    Focusrite Clarrett - Audio Interface
    Elektron Analog Rhythm - Drum Machine
    Elektron Octatrack - Sampler
    Korg minilogue - Synth
    Arp Odyssey - Synth
    (moog sub 37) - Looking to purchase soon.

    Basically I produce music linearly into logic - however, I have the capability to use these in a more performance based environment.

    What other equipment would I need to play live (not talking a DJ set) But like have all my music and samples ready & have them all hooked up so that I can say:
    Cue my rhythms in my drum machine (drums seem to always be on the computer for live sets i see)
    Cue samples and other things in say Ableton (I don't have it yet)
    Cue other samples in my external sampler
    Have the synths cued with their bass lines & with lead lines etc

    What does one need in order to hook everything up so you can organize it & play live, all in time & sync - I have some examples below.

    For example: Leafar Legov Im sure has recorded all his elements (drums / synths / noises ) and is just mixing and cuing them in this set:

    Stefan Bodsin here - Is using his synth - Moog - & cuing / mixing all the other elements - but its very seamless - i.e he's not going into his synth to load a patch each time - something else is doing it.

    Any enlightenment would be great


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    The acrylic console is:

    Which is a custom built 'thing' by stefan

    Here is a reddit post with somebody else recently questioning how to do this...

    And from a post from stefan he says he has this inside that custom box

    So this is some kind of custom midi controller - can anything else do the same job instead of programing and going all that stuff?

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    It sounds like your hoping you need an Orbital/Daft Punk/Prodigy style multi-outboard gear sync'd type of set up.

    But the truth is, all you need, is Ableton Live in session view, plus a nice grid style pad controller, but some faders and some knobs.

    Tons of potential set-ups - all varying wildly in price. Personally, I'd go for something like:

    Midifighter (or 2)
    Launchpad Pro
    If you need some extra knobs, grab a Midifighter Twister

    What your trying to do sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck to you mate!!!
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