My pet peeve is that there was never a "Hardware Controllers, Mods & Gear" Link from the Forum Navigation. Meaning I'd have to navigate to the main forum and scroll to the correct area (it's one of my favorites that I check often).

While researching potential categories for sub headings lo-and-behold the link I've been searching years for has been "hidden" under the guise of REVIEWS. A major WTF! moment. Why would I look to Reviews for the Hardware forum ?

Firstly - theres not a review to be had there for the most part.

Secondly - I've been pulling hair out literally for years hoping you'd add the link to that forum (pretty sure I submitted this years ago as well).

Lastly though - Would it not make sense to have all the main and Sub Forums populate as Horizontal child menus - theres a ton of space for it and would make getting to destination so much faster.

Handy Links could be moved to an additional dropdown (Renamed to Discussion Tools or something like that)

E.g. Under the Forum Nav heading

General Discussion
- Show Your Setup
- Off Topic
- Site Questions and Feedback

Buy and Sell (Honestly I would keep this visible to the outside world - but just lock out posting).

Hardware Controllers and Mods
- Native Instruments Controllers
- CDJ and Vinyl
- Controller Mappings
- Midifighter Resources
- VCI 100 Support
- VCI 400 Support

Production and DJ Software
- Traktor
- Rekordbox
- Serato
- Ableton
- Mad Zach Weekly Sound Pack

DJ Mixes & Productions
- Tracks and Remoxes
- DJ Mixes
- Music Production

Anyhoo, my 2 cents, keep up the good work guys.