External Mixer with Pioneer DDJ SX-2
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    Default External Mixer with Pioneer DDJ SX-2


    I've seen a lot a number of DJs using external mixers to control their sound, mostly at big events. I am wondering if I need to get one.

    I do only mobiles and my current equipment is:

    Cerwin Vega Sub P1800SX
    Pioneer DDJ-SB2
    Pioneer DDJ-SX2

    For small events (less than 50), I use the SB2 + DXR 15
    For larger events, I use the SX2 + DXR15 + Subs

    A couple of observations:

    -- I have found that I do not have enough headroom when I am using the SB2 (which comes with only RCA outs) to connect to my DXR speakers.

    -- Secondly, I am also often concerned about MCs shouting into my mics - at a recent party, the speakers were redlined a couple of times, and I had to keep controlling the volume to keep things under control.

    -- Also, there is a feedback noise with the mics I use.

    -- Some of the house parties I occasionally play at (once a year) have other instruments (guitar, piano) who want to use my speakers, and I am often concerned about overloading them

    I thought a mixer will help with any of these, so I went ahead and got a Soundcraft Signature 10 mixer.

    I am wondering if this is an overkill. So I am thinking of returning it an getting the Yamaha MG10 or Allen & Health 10fx, each of which are about $100 cheaper. But again, I thought maybe the $100 is worth it, if indeed, the Soundcraft has better sound quality and would serve me longer in the future, as my needs change.

    I am so on the fence here and thought I need some guidance in deciding whether to keep it or exchange for something else.

    Thanks, Oy

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    Sounds like you are outgrowing your sound system.

    I would invest in more speakers.

    You can scale up for bigger parties.

    I'm not really sure what adding a mixer will improve unless you are planning on running a band with instruments and microphones through it.

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    i doubt you will be able to hear a difference in sound quality from mixer to mixer. if you plan on running bands, id say keep it. if you still want to return it, get the allen & heath as it still has USB control for recording or playback.

    PS an external mixer will help every single one of your observations so you are on the right track. also, you will need this more with bigger and better speakers.

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