Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler and Step Sequencer
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    Default Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler and Step Sequencer

    Hi, anybody got this or played around with this piece of kit?? ive got cdj2000 nexus djm 900 nexus set up-just looking for sampling power to add to my sets (play house at the min-but like everything music)

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    I'd be interested to know. I used to have an F1 wth my traktor set-up and moved to xdj-1000 mk2 which are amazing

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    I used it at NAMM this year, it's awesome! great workflow, easy to use, plenty of options... the only negative I saw was no drum layering, but there's workarounds for that

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    Hey I've owned one since january 2017. I really love the filters, they are reminiscent of the A&H Xone ones. I did have a few concerns when the new standalone MPC's were announced, and thought about selling up. I'm glad I didnt as its a musical instrument in its own right. If you have the pioneer gear already, it would be unreal. My set up is with a TR-8 and a Korg Monologue.... and its pretty sweet. Let me know if you have any specific queries. I'm going to hang on to mine. Might even get an MPC just to have two different styles of workflow... theyre all instruments after all.
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