Track History on Traktor Pro 2 Disappearing
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    Default Track History on Traktor Pro 2 Disappearing

    Hey guys! So this happened to me a few months ago.. where the track history just up and disappeared.. And it happened again last night. I was djing a party earlier in the afternoon and everything was there, and when I got to my late night gig.. half the songs were missing. I'm using a macbook pro that's a few years old.

    has this happened to anyone else? How I can fix it besides adding whatever songs are missing?



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    It only displays the current session history within the Traktor browser. You can see your full history in the folder found in your documents folder. Use something like to parse the NML file.
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    Click on the EXPLORER node and open the ARCHIVE node and you will see all your previous sessions/playlists in date order.
    If tracks aren't saving to a playlist you may need to adjust the 'Min Playtime' in Preferences. Tracks only get placed in History or Archive after they have been played for a minimum amount of time.

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