What happened to th "Dj tech tools"
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    Default What happened to th "Dj tech tools"

    As the title says, where are the cools dj tutorials o hardware mods? the cool stuff I mean... not articles like "5 podcasts for djs". I mean this is what got me into this page, I remember tutorials on routing Traktor through ableton o articles on really weird hardware.

    what happened to the cool guy Ean Golden?

    How about if you give people what they really want or need, for example: at this point why haven't you puta a tutorial on how to mapa Traktor's new step sequencer? They are not giving any info so who is? is this a strategy to sell more controllers? I think we the community are tired of seeing iteration after iteration of the same controller with a higher price every time. Who remember that every dj controller we buy is mappable? and every time they limit us a bit more.

    The tutorial I understand is tedious but that is what we want, to spend a day or two aside our laptops with our controller battling to get the perfect mapping, the only aspect it has to have is "how to enable step 1 from deck A slot 1 and the others should be the same, I downloaded other mapping but it is still something difficult to do, it just great materia for you guys, so when are you going to help out the little guy?

    I mean no te offensive its just I feel everything ha gone off, thank you!

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    As usual, constructive feedback is always welcome and we really appreciate you chipping in! I'll check with the crew and see if we can make that one happen.

    Last one we did in a similar vein was sharing a way to use pretty much any controller in Rekordbox which was based on one made by Theo from Hispasonic roughly a month ago. Some are dressed as a review such as the piece I wrote about Remotify which basically makes custom control surface scripts in Ableton available for everyone.

    We also welcome everyone to share their knowledge here in the forums and if they feel they have something big in their hands even help us by being a contributing writer. It doesn't matter if it's just one piece or more, helping each other and spreading the word is what DJTT is all about.

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