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    You'd adjust it one tooth at a time and see how it goes. Inside the knob there are only a few "teeth", but the shaft on the pot will have teeth all around the circumference, so, if it IS just a case of teeth not lining up, you should be able to fix that yourself.
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    Looks like it's as good as it's going to get on the knobs that I can yank off. Not a big deal.

    And my mixer was not assembled in Taiwan. Hand assembled in Washington state as part of the last lot out of that office prior to the InMusic sale. I'll pass on any additional information I can get. Thanks, guys.

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    Hi Chris,

    Perhaps you can be a source of enlightenment? I am trying to figure out what to do about the current situation with the Mp2015. The used market is outrageous and Rane still has the mixer up on their website... I would always check their website and this left me not knowing that it was no longer being sold for YEARS (ugh) and I am now stuck in a situation where I'm wondering if I should plan to pony up the outrageous price on the used market or wait to hear some kind of announcement from rane? I just want to know, is the product dead? I didn't meant to call you out on this, I tried to PM you on this but I don't think DJTechTools has private messaging ::shrug:: ??

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Roman View Post
    I've been alerted to this posting. The MP2015 is not shipping yet from InMusic. I am one of the people involved in the process and I would know. We are using almost 100% of the same exact parts as originally engineered and specified. The Seattle team of engineers has work closely with the manufacturing team to be sure certain protocols are followed. Whatever this post is seems like either a bogus post, sorry but we DO NOT manufacture this unit in China, or something else. We expect the MP2015 to be available again in the next 60 days. Every unit is being hand made and is going through rigorous testing as I write this. RANE has some amazing new things coming as well. If the original poster would like to contact me directly I would love to get to the bottom of this not produced by inMusic situation.

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