My workstation setup
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    Default My workstation setup

    I'm new to posting in DJTT forums, so I figure I'll start with my workstation. I've designed it to be very flexible for work and DJing. During the day I do software design & development. On weekends, I'll mix for hours at a time.


    • Uplift Desk electric sit / stand frame (w/ 4 position presets)
    • IKEA pine kitchen counter (as desktop)
    • Event 20/20 monitors (very inexpensive on Craigslist or ebay)
    • Wood Technologies 12" speaker stands
    • On-Stage LPT5000 adjustable laptop computer stand
    • Mackie 802VLZ 8-channel mixer (fits under the stand perfectly)
    • Apple MacBook Pro
    • Apple Cinema Display
    • Apple iPhone stand (with audio out for Pacemaker)

    DJ Setup

    • Traktor S4 MK2
    • Keynamics laptop stand (for the S4)
    • Sony MDR-Z7 headphones
    • Sony PHA-3 headphone amp
    • SubPac M1 Bluetooth
    • E-MU Pipeline (wireless mic)
    • Gator case (4-slot)
    • Furman PL-PLUS C 15 amp power conditioner
    • BBE MaxCom compressor, limiter and gate with Sonic Maximizer
    • Lexicon MX300 stereo reverb/effects processor
    • DBX 215s dual channel 15-Band equalizer
    • Anti-fatigue standing comfort mat

    Audio Routing

    Mixer inputs: Mac headphone output, iPhone audio, and S4 main
    Mixer output: Event monitors & E-MU Pipeline
    Mixer aux: signal processors
    S4 booth: out to Subpac (wired, not bluetooth)
    S4 headphones: out to Sony headphone amp

    I use Apple's AirPlay to play sound around the house. To use Pacemaker, I route audio using AirPlay from my iPhone to my Mac into Airfoil.

    For live mixing, I use the E-MU Pipeline. I can broadcast to other Pipeline receivers nearby. Note that I only plug them into power when I'm playing. If I leave them charging for a long time, the batteries tend to bloat, warping the case and eventually burning out.

    The signal processors are simply to sweeten the sound. I add a little Sonic Maximizer boost, reverb (via Lexicon), basic EQs, and compression (for when guest DJs get out of control).

    Let me know if you have any questions...


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    Love the setup. I was thinking about getting an Uplift desk as well. What size did you go with? Looks like the size I would need to fit my stuff as well.

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    Thinking of buying a subpac, how does it holds when producing ? is it accurate enough to use ?
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    Wow! That is a really nice set up! I like the look!

    Keep on mixing!

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