Major issue with SERATO DJ and my MIDI FIGHTER PRO..anyone else?
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    Angry Major issue with SERATO DJ and my MIDI FIGHTER PRO..anyone else?

    I've noticed that every time I use SERATO DJ with my MIDI FIGHTERPRO, weird things start to happen and it's almost like my equipment is haunted or some sh*t.... I normally use SSL with no problems, but when I try to use SERATO DJ, setting up my midi fighter controller and mapping each button the way I normally would, at some point during my set the SERATO DJ will start doing stuff I did not program it to do. Specific example: I hit the button on my Midi Fighter that normally plays the first cue point on CH1... it plays the first cue point like its supposed to, but it ALSO decides that me pushing this button will also turn the volume on CH2 all the way down. I tried to remap that specific button on the fly, but it kept happening. I eventually just unplugged my Midifighter and the problem stopped, so this is why I'm thinking that this is a SERATO DJ clashing with MIDI FIGHTER glitch. Even without the controller, Next thing I know , the crossfader (I'm only using only the rane mixer at this point) has now mapped itself to the function that lets you toggle through and choose different FX on CH1. So every time I go to use the crossfader, it randomly also chooses an effect to apply to CH1. This glitch I was able to fix by remapping the crossfader, but I still don't know why this or the first the problem started randomly in the first place...more importantly, I would like to know what I can do about these problems.

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    If you have momentary CC (Ableton mode) enabled make sure you turn those off. The odd thing is that Serato doesn't allow MIDI mapping the mixer controls and you mentioning that you are having some issues without the device plugged sounds like something else might be up.

    Try reverting all mappings to default and give it a fresh start, then map and test it at home before a future gig. If these continue it might be best to hit up Serato support directly.

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