Unbelievable policy by Native Instruments (Traktor version 2.11)
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    Default Unbelievable policy by Native Instruments (Traktor version 2.11)

    So here's my case in short.
    After reviewing all suggestions about the dj software i should buy, from old and new dj in the business, i decided to buy Traktor. There was a near unanimity about that choice.
    Being new in the business i decided to listen to the overwhelming majority and not my own presentiment.
    I too a job for the summer and started to play. The software had problems from the start...Most songs were interrupted (just like when the cd's are corrupted). I didn't have a choice since i wanted to work properly, i started checking my PC...at first i downgraded it from windows 10, to windows 7 (i read in a forum that many djs had a similar issue...there was an inconsistency between windows 10 and Traktor softaware)...Things got worse, as the program started to crash while scanning the tracks...In the first phase, after opening the program. I started to be concerned about my files so i checked every single one of them in case they were corrupted. Just a few had a problem.
    In the same time the bar i was supposed to work was waiting for my return...Couldn't happen without my pc or dj software running properly. I had a pc format with the problem was with my pc. After 100 euros in total and one month without a job, native instruments (traktor) answered back, by sending me a program that i should run in order for them to inspect the root of the problem. After some days more they answered back that the problem was with their own program and an update that was not yet complete.
    I had already figured that out by running virtual dj without any sorts of problem. Of course i had lost my job for the summer by then. When i asked for a refund they proposed i should use an older version of their software that is considered to be very stable....There was no way i could continue using their software after all i've been put through...Still, two months later they have not returned my money, although they have acknowledged their fault which is even greater if one considers they have no warnings of any sorts about their product...They still continue to sell it creating more problems to more dj by the day....Their behavior is simply outrageous ...I just wrote this to warn others that might face the same policy in the future...Be aware of your money..Don't spend it to frauds like Traktor...Hope i was helpful

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    Well Traktor works perfectly for me.

    But I prefer VDJ, it's more my Cup of tea, but both work perfectly to me.

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    Have you tried the latest version of Traktor?

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    Dropouts like that seem exactly the sort of thing that DPC latency causes on Windows platform. Google that and research into whether it's the cause.
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    There are lots of people that run traktor with zero problems.

    you should have came here first. We probably could help you sort the problem.
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    You can PM pretty much any of us and we will work to get it running for you.

    If you check the system requirements, you will see that Traktor is not compatible with Windows 7 and has not been for some time. Windows 8.1 Enterprise/Pro is the most stable version for audio software.

    If you need help configuring your system, please reach out to any of us on the forum or do a search.

    Otherwise, if you need a simple solution, get some pioneer gear and Rekordbox DJ.
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    This all sounds very odd.

    OP what was the specific problem? Ive managed to get Traktor stable on 10 year old hardware running 4 tracks of DVS.

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    My Traktor install is likewise stable. My first question to the OP is; was your laptop from a vendor and what other software do you run on it?
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    My question is - why didn't you go to work (and cost yourself 's) and use VDJ???

    So Traktor didn't work. Why didn't you use VDJ?

    My other question is - why am I responding to someone with 1 post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post

    My other question is - why am I responding to someone with 1 post?
    He's come here & had a little rant. Be interesting to see if he comes back.


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