Confused about speakers.
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    Default Confused about speakers.

    Hello and greetings from Greece, i am new to this forum. I saw that you are very helpful and i wanted to share my questions with you. First of all i am an amateur DJ who plays in local clubs/bars very rarely. I want to buy a pair of speakers and a mixer in order to practice alone in my home mostly because i love music and not because i wanna be a super proffesional dj or something. The questions i have are what type of speakers do i need in order to hear pretty loud sound with good quality as well. Do i need pa speakers or monitor speakers? What size is recomended for me in order to fill with loud sound a 24m (258.3ft) room. Lastly i have to say that my budget is around 600$ for this gear. Thanks in advance, i will definitely try to be active in this forum.

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    monitor speakers are very directional, in order to fully hear them you need to be basically right in front of them. i have hosted house parties and used a pair of these but even then they weren't exactly loud. i would look into some mackie thump PA speakers

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