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    Default a new music platform. you decide

    Hello everyone,

    Due to the instability of the streaming music industry in 2017, I have two directions for a new platform that can go...

    1) A Soundcloud platform with Mixcloud features though Soundcloud now allows DJ sets; so I'm stuck on this one. Artist's would still receive their royalties through a blanket license though are Artists/DJ's still willing to pay a $15/month fee for a new DJ set/mixtape platform?

    2) An Audiomack platform for up-and-coming talent / independent artists. Audiomack operates by making the artist agree that their uploads to the website are their original content and will be classified as "Royalty free music" only for sharing. Artists can make a bit of change by playing an advertisement before the track plays. I'm not a fan of their name though -- it took me 2 months to remember it.

    My team and I want to get on this as soon as possible. We'd prefer to use a Soundcloud type layout as it's nicer to look at.

    If anyone has an opinion for the above, please input your thoughts. If you have any ideas as to what you would want to see on a new music sharing platform, please input your thoughts. Ideally, we want to be online within 1-2 months.

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    You want to be online within a month and you dont even know what your site is going to be. Uh-huh.

    1. How are you proposing to be different from soundcloud and mixcloud? Do you even have a business model? Soundcloud is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and cannot make profit, why are you different.

    2. A stack of terrible ideas. I will never listen to ads regardless of how much i like an artist. I will never listen to ads while browsing new music. Why would people give their song rights to you as royalty free? This means that anyone can copy any part of their music and release it. Perhaps you think you mean Creative Commons.

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    Good luck! I think a focus on sound quality can help you here too. It's always tough to balance out the "pull" side of marketing (ie. getting a big name to bring on the fans) and the "push" side (leveraging a big name to push your brand out)

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    Due to the complexities of licensing and royalties it would be difficult to launch a new platform and complete with those already established. We've all seen how Soundcloud is doing and their difficulties, even after pouring a ton of money into it.

    What are you trying to cater to that isn't working or addressed by the current services? I would look to see if there is a different market or need that isn't being addressed and focus on that.

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