Hi there guys,

Looking for some workflow assistance please!

I have two main devices I use for DJing; a main PC for sourcing, consolidating and preparing all of my music (tagging, BPMs etc) and then a Mac Book for taking a subset of this consolidated library to play out from. Both devices have Traktor, Itunes and Beat Port Pro. I'm looking for as simple a way as possible to prepare a playlist of tunes on my main PC and then sync that playlist to the Mac Book so that I can access the tracks. Does anyone have a good workflow to achieve this? The best I can do at the moment is to grab (by date) my latest prepared tracks from the main PC, dump them over onto the Mac Book and then manually recreate my playlist there. What I really want to do is create my playlist crate on the main PC 'in comfort' and then sync that seamlessly across to the Mac Book without having to recreate it from scratch. Ultimately I want to play the tracks out through Traktor, so the songs will need to end up in the Traktor Collection at some stage via Itunes or directly from Finder. Are there any tools out there that will do this? Some sort of hybrid of Itunes/Rekord Box/Beat Port Pro and Traktor that anyone can recommend to take the manually pain out of what should be a straightforward activity?

Thanks in advance!