Your perfect external audio interface?
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    Default Your perfect external audio interface?

    Ok, boys and girls tell me what would your perfect external audio interface look like (with regards to I/O primary but hell, name even the color you like to have it in if it affects you in any meaningful way )
    Why am I asking? Because I realised that the choice for DJs are rather limited in a way. It has come down to Rane if you want to use Serato (ok, there's nothing we can do about it) and NI Audio range if you want to use anything else (that forces you to pay premium for timecode functionality even if you don't use it). For years the major club standard mixers have digital RCA inputs and yet none of NI and Rane interfaces have digital outputs for example.

    So my list of features would be:
    - digital RCA outputs for individual decks
    - lockable USB port with supplied matching cable and a option to use a standard non-lockable one if needed
    - individual phono/line switches for each deck (hardware or software)
    - 1/4" headphone output and balanced TRS outputs (switchable from 1/2 to 7/8 channel) for using with internal mixing mode
    - 5-pin midi in/out
    - plastic fold-out legs so you can securely place it on it's side (something like on the NI D2)
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    6 stereo inputs (switchable rca and digital)
    - 4 channels for mixing (phono preamp switchable)
    - 1 channel for recording
    - 1 channel for FX send

    6 stereo outputs (switchable rca and digital)
    - 4 channels for mixing
    - 1 channel for FX return
    - 1 channel for master out (also with an XLR or TRS 1/4" output for the controllerists)

    l/r level indicators on the 4 mixing inputs (for timecode troubleshooting)

    USB powered with external power as an option.

    All black with the smallest form factor possible.
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    2 (or 4) stereo channels, phono/line/thru (for regular vinyl) selectable per stereo channel, on the unit, not in the software

    Additional send return channel for software fx to be used via the mixer

    USB and dc powered

    Smallest possible

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    For a perfect one for me you'd have to have a standard across mixers, but basically just one cable with all audio signals contained, similar to what the Model1 DJ mixer has (Tascam DB25 connection) but something maybe even more proprietary that would have a magnetic link so it would just snap to the mixer when you plugged in. USB3 which could be powered off a Macbook Pro (probably not possible, but we're dreaming right).

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    zero latency...
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    my favorite audio card is my Focurite Saffire pro 40.

    10 outs/ 10 analog ins.


    zero latency
    same price of the audio 10. sounds better.

    PRO: audio quality
    zero latency
    output volume

    Cons: portability
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    Honestly, i have an SL4 and for me it's the perfect audio interface. 2 usbs is just a godsend

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