Hi people, basically what the title says...

I've got a Yamaha MD-BT01 midi-to-bluetooth device connected to my iPad Pro - the iPad is receiving the incoming messages! What I'm trying to do is then get those messages to my laptop via the usb connection (ipad lightning port --> USB port on my macbook pro). My macbook pro is pre-bluetooth le, so that's not an option unfortunately. But I want to be able to use my fancy yamaha thingiemajig.

I've got apps like midimittr, midi wrench, as well as the settings in Lemur that all look like they allow to set this up, yet none of them seem to work. I'm watching the incoming signals via the MIDI monitor app on the mac. I've added iPad as a device in AMS, and I've tried doing this over WI-FI as well - no luck so far. The midi messages directly from the ipad seem to go through just fine, but various bluetooth midi devices connected to the ipad don't seem to reach my laptop for some reason.

Any ideas?