traktor audio8 vs. club mixer
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    Default traktor audio8 vs. club mixer

    if im playing in the club with decent sound system, using audio8 (mixing internally in traktor) + midi controller like kontrol x1 + laptop, and connect the audio8 straight to the soundsystem (house mixer not dj mixer),

    is the sound quality will be equal to the usual setup (usual setup being audio8 dvs connected to the dj mixer, mixed externally using the dj mixer, and then from the dj mixer connect to soundsystem/house mixer)???

    never try this before, and seeing that audio8 only powered from usb cable (dc 5v), im not really sure the sound quality will be equal to cdj or dvs system... any thoughts? have someone tried this before?

    thanks in advance for your input

    ps. sorry for bad english, not my first language

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    That is possible only if the main house mixer has unbalanced RCA inputs (DJ mixers are usually connected to amps/main house mixers through balanced XLR connections). Sound quality will better actually because you skipped unneccessary cables and D/A conversion through the dj mixer.
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