Setting up CDJs to Serato?
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    Default Setting up CDJs to Serato?

    Hey peeps

    Hope you're well - might be a noobie question so sorry in advance.

    Running Serato 1.9.3 on MacBook Pro Late 2011 and for shows I use the DDJ SX.

    I have my first club set in late November and they have CDJs (think 1000s?). So how do I get the CDJs to link up to my laptop to work through Serato?

    I believe theres two ways - one through the Serato Box like this

    and the other through buying the Club Kit and USB Hub .

    So which one should I choose to go through and what would I have to buy?

    Also I'm hearing from other people about 'expansion packs' and 'club kits' - so please explain what is what just so I don't get confused LOL.

    PS: I'm seeing Serato SL1 Boxes on cheap for like 50 - any good or nah?


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    Since you don't own a SL2/3/4 interface you should find out what mixer they have. If it's not a SDJ certified mixer you won't be able to use your laptop (or in the best case you'll have to buy Club Kit addon to your SDJ licence).

    Regarding CDJ's, if they are a 1000 model you'll have to use timecode CD to control SDJ decks.

    And I don't mean to sound too harsh but you don't seem to know enough about the software you are using to be able to do club gigs. Google things like difference between SSL and SDJ software and what hardware they support and in what way, what's a Club Kit addon for SDJ, HID mode and what CDJ models it supports, etc...
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