Midi Twister, Virtual DJ and Stems help
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    Default Midi Twister, Virtual DJ and Stems help

    So I have a Midi Fighter Twister (MFT), Virtual DJ 2021 (VDJ), and a need for speed...

    er.. a need for stems.

    I have been able to get a simple VDJ config for my MFT with 4 decks and 4 stems. I've attached that current MFT & VDJ xml config at the end of this post.

    It works ok.

    What I'm looking to do is have each stem column rest to default on new track load.
    I'd also like to see examples of how to send color data (aka midi out data) from VDJ to my MFT

    My current VDJ config:
    <mapper device="SIMPLE_MIDI_9600_7" version="850" date="2021-09-23">
    	<map value="0-SLIDER0" action="deck 3 stem Vocal" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER4" action="deck 3 stem kick &amp; deck 3 stem hihat" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER8" action="deck 3 stem Instru" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER12" action="deck 3 stem Bass" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER0" action="deck 3 stem_pad Vocal" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER4" action="deck 3 stem_pad kick &amp; deck 3 stem_pad hihat" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER8" action="deck 3 stem_pad Instru" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER12" action="deck 3 stem_pad Bass" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER1" action="deck 1 stem Vocal" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER5" action="deck 1 stem kick &amp; deck 1 stem hihat" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER9" action="deck 1 stem Instru" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER13" action="deck 1 stem Bass" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER1" action="deck 1 stem_pad Vocal" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER5" action="deck 1 stem_pad kick &amp; deck 1 stem_pad hihat" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER9" action="deck 1 stem_pad Instru" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER13" action="deck 1 stem_pad Bass" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER2" action="deck 2 stem Vocal" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER6" action="deck 2 stem kick &amp; deck 2 stem hihat" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER10" action="deck 2 stem Instru" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER14" action="deck 2 stem Bass" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER2" action="deck 2 stem_pad Vocal" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER6" action="deck 2 stem_pad kick &amp; deck 2 stem_pad hihat" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER10" action="deck 2 stem_pad Instru" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER14" action="deck 2 stem_pad Bass" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER3" action="deck 4 stem Vocal" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER7" action="deck 4 stem kick &amp; deck 4 stem hihat" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER11" action="deck 4 stem Instru" />
    	<map value="0-SLIDER15" action="deck 4 stem Bass" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER3" action="deck 4 stem_pad Vocal" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER7" action="deck 4 stem_pad kick &amp; deck 4 stem_pad hihat" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER11" action="deck 4 stem_pad Instru" />
    	<map value="1-SLIDER15" action="deck 4 stem_pad Bass" />

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    Default midi controller mapping?

    After reading through the VDJ documents, I noticed that a detailed controller MIDI mapping could be created for the MFT in VDJ.


    Before I bother do start and create one myself, is there anybody out there with an existing one I can use or modify?

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    So yea, I've finished a basic mapping for VDJ and stems. 4 decks, 4 stems. It's been approved as a full addon that you can find here:


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