Hey all,

I've been DJing on periscope as a hobby for a little while now. But I've just been using the ambient sound on my stream. I've been wanting to get direct audio but, for the life of me, can't figure out how to configure it. Please help. I don't have a preference as to how I broadcast, I just want to stream live audio; video is cool but not necessary. I've tried MixLR and OBS, and just can't figure anything out. Here is what I have at my disposal. Do I have the right equipment? What do I do? Thanks in advance.

2 KRK Rockit 5 monitors
Kontrol S5
Novation 2 x 4

RCA to female headphone input
RCA to TRRS male jack
USB cables

Android devices
Laptop with no dedicated audio input (that I'm aware of)

Please help