So I'm running a macbook pro and all my audio samples/library as well as music are on the Macbook SSD (500gb). I use an Apple Airport Time Capsule Specifically to back up my entire MacBook via time machine through WiFi. Im starting to run out of SSD space and was wondering if I bought an external SSD and plugged it in to the Time Capsule via the usb port behind it, would I be able to move all my audio samples to said external SSD and still use them in real time while producing in Ableton or mixing music in Traktor etc etc etc? I used to plug an HDD with all my samples and music in to my PC and my Macbook via USB and run software while using them however both those computers and external HDD have since died from HDD failures and I have NO idea if it was just bad luck or if there was a common factor, needless to say I do not trust external HDD's. I don't want to keep plugging and unplugging the external SSD, it freaks me out considering the past FEW experiences. If I had a dedicated desktop I would just leave it plugged in but I have a this Macbook I take every where. I guess I'm looking for reassurance or insight by somebody who maybe might know, in theory I see no logical reason why this particular set up wouldn't work but just though somebody could shed some light on it. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way? I would just really love to move all audio files especially the Native instruments factory library to a dedicated external SSD to free up dam near my entire MacBook pro's SSD but still use the samples wirelessly. Is this possible? If you maybe know a way id really appreciate some help and insight of what direction I should look into to going. Thanks in advance!