URGENT: vci100, tpro1.2, sync
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    Default URGENT: vci100, tpro1.2, sync

    hey guys,

    i have a problem and i need your help asap as im having a big big gig on friday.
    sooo ... i use vci100 w/ traktor pro 1.2. now the tracks go off sync quite often, BUT - traktor doesnt show it. the sync bar above the waveform shows that it's ok but the tracks keeps getting more and more off sync. i hope i managed to explain my problem
    and the tracks were perfect, the ones that used to be in sync just perfect.

    did i push something in the preferences or smth? or might it be my vci? some drinks were spilled on it a month or so ago and the fader was a bit fucked for some time, tho now its ok.

    thanks in advance!!!

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    alright, well, i can pretty much tell you that it is not the vci. This is a software issue.

    These tracks used to sync up perfectly before? Have you recently upgraded traktor and reanalyzed your tracks for bpm?

    This sounds like a beatgrid problem. You need to go through your trakcs, and make sure that your beatgrids are synced to the tracks. If the track is not mono tempo (its warped inplaces from a bad vinyl rip, or it was just written with different tempos throughout) you are going to straight up have problems, as traktor doesnt have a good way to deal with this.

    Best thing I can recomend is playing the songs, with the metronome on, and making sure they are locked in good by playing with the grids.

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    If you're synced up in the software, and your tracks still get out of phase, it's a problem with the grid. As mentioned above, you've gotta go back and fix it. I think it's best to make a habit of checking and/or fine tuning the grid of EVERY track you want to use SYNC on. If your beat marker visual is turned on in prefs, you should be able to look at the waveform and see right away if it's on or off.
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