Traktor 2.11.1 Processing Spikes
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    Default Traktor 2.11.1 Processing Spikes

    I tried Traktor 2.11.1 the last couple of times on a windows OS and was disappointed by it's regular processing spikes even when no track is running or even loaded. I switched back to which is for me the second most stable version after 2.6.8. This new update is not worth it, even with the nifty colors.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has had troubles with it.

    Cheers. Sūl.

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    For me there seems to be a problem only if the Keylock is ON while mixing with Stems, with keylock engaged on just one deck there is like 25% increase on load meter and another 15% with second deck engaged. And some huge spikes when using cues .
    Again, No such an issue with other audio formats. My setup is Z2+MF64+DS1 running on i7 dual core 2.7Ghz 8GB SSD PC laptop (latency 7.1 ms). I could make it somewhat better by increasing the buffer size to 512 but still kinda risky. Thinks I'm going to roll back too.

    However with this same setup running on my i7 quad core 4Ghz 8GB SSD (latency 7 ms) I couldn't see that much of a difference.

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    I have a suboptimal rig (for now) so everything counts. Don't use Keylock on any deck. But using three decks plus 2 fxchannels on a single deck plus maybe another one on 3 out of 4 remixslots/stems makes it critical. Anyway, the software spikes without any kind of stresses on my part. No choice for me really.

    Thanks for the feedback, good to know this is not a local phenomenon...

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