Old DJ With Old Gear want to go from Vynyl to DVS Please Help!
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    Default Old DJ With Old Gear want to go from Vynyl to DVS Please Help!

    Good Evening Everyone, I would appreciate some honest input. I have an old system that I used in the 80's and 90's. I have 2 Technic 1200's with a Vestex PMC-005mk2 mixing controller and a Akai APC40 which was a
    Christmas present in 2014. I have a Dell XPS Studio core i7 computer running win 7 pro sp1 64bit with 24gbs of Ram. I also have a Dell laptop core i3 with win7 pro 64bit with 8gbs of ram.

    I would like to start it up again after 15 yrs. of being out of the game.
    I would like to setup a DVS system that incorporates all the above equipment. What system should I buy that I can use all my present hardware?

    Right now I'm trying to decide between Traktor scratch A6 and Pioneer Rekordbox dj.

    All input is truly appreciated!

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    TBH either Traktor scratch A6 and Pioneer Rekordbox dj.

    I use traktor but probably would go the pioneer route if i was starting now just cause I've been using CDJs more when I play out and i t kinda makes sense to just have the one "rekordbox" playlist eco system.

    Traktor FX are cool though and adding an X1MK2 adds creativity in a nice footprint, sits next to the mixer properly

    The XP1 by contrast looks a bit of a beast... in a good and bad way i suppose

    Its a tricky one but either will be cool.
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