NI F1 Remix Deck Tempo per slot
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    Default NI F1 Remix Deck Tempo per slot


    I use Traktor to control the music for my radio program. I plug my gear into the radio stations mixing table and I use my own gear to work with. But the Traktor Remix Deck isn't working how I want it to. I use the Remix Deck to launch my jingles and stuff but the jingles are at different tempos, I tried a lot to get loose of the deck tempo so my jingles will play at is own tempo like for example; my start show jingle is at 125 bpm and the end show jingle is at tempo 130 and the other jingles that I use are in tempo 120 and 128. I just don't want to put my deck tempo to the level manually. I just want that the 125 bpm jingle plays at tempo 125 bpm and the 130 bpm jingle plays at 130 bpm without any need to adjust tempo manually to the correct level before using that jingle.
    Anyone got the solution for me?

    I already thank you so much for any help you all can give me!

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    You can toggle SYNC (to deck tempo) for every cell seperately, which should be what you are looking for. It doesn't matter if the DECK is on SYNC or not. Hope you get it working.

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