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    What's up guys? I'm a beginner DJ in Central Arkansas just starting out. I've been "Just for fun" DJing for about two years and decided to upgrade to kinda of the beginner DJ World. I bought my first controller and a few beginner lights, so I'm already pretty low on funds. I also just bought a behringer eurolive b115d ($300) speaker but I only have one and one speaker stand to go along with it. I was wondering if it would be ideal to charge around $10-25 an hour for DJ Services with only one speaker? This DJ Service would only be for something like birthday parties, house parties, or anything small in that nature. Nothing as big as weddings, clubs, or anything above that level. What are your thoughts?? Thanks

    Speaker and specs:

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    The first thing I'd say is don't try to undersell your services. It hurts everyone, from other DJ businesses, to clients, to the overall perception of the industry.

    Second, if you're looking at making money off this, you need to properly invest in your equipment. Get a decent size sub and a matching pair of speakers that can fill a reasonably sized room. Others could advise better on that side of things. I would also say that if you feel this can be a business for you, borrow some money to buy this stuff.

    Look at what other DJs are charging in your area, and what they offer. If i saw someone charging out at your rate as a client, I'd be wary of why it's so cheap. If I was a DJ in your region, I wouldn't be happy, and your business network is important as it means more work, more support, and ultimately, a healthier industry...
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