Hey everybody wanted to share a simple project I just started working on, Midi Fighter Web. I've been learning web development over the last 2 years and have been trying to focus on JavaScript which led me to this. It's a web based recreation of the Midi Fighter 3D with playable buttons and sounds.

I'm using Mad Zach's Repossessed By The Govt soundpack for the sounds. Try it out and let me know what you think, it appears to work best in Google Chrome. With Safari there is a delay between the keypress and sound, not sure what's causing that.

Known issues:

- Top bank buttons do nothing, simply there for looks
- Buttons don't appear to be "Pressed". This will require some 3D box shadow work to simulate a physical button press
- Sounds will always play through, there is no form of ADSR to control the volume/shape of the sound
- Mouse clicks don't work, only keyboard presses

Future ideas:

- Add midi support with web midi so you can play it with a controller
- Add sounds to the "banks"
- Customize the colours of the animations, buttons, and controller

Credit to JavaScript30, Mad Zach, and DJTT.