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    Hey, push 2 will not work with logic as its a ableton product.

    I would say before you go out buying anything learn your daw inside out and then if you feel you need something go out and get it. Its a case of not living beyond your means.
    This is exactly why I wanted to find a coach. I want to understand it better I got the Ableton trial a while back and played around with it - but of course the trial expired. I want to learn the DAW and then at some point implement external sound modules etc.

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    Hey, sounds like your on the right path.

    A friend and myself have developed a course to learn Ableton and production. I can send the link if you like.

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    Like others have said, you really only need a small MIDI keyboard (you could even just use your computer's keyboard, but I'm not huge on that). I'm currently saving up to get an MPC pad for playing beats, rather than writing them in manually.
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    Just get an affordable MIDI keyboard for playing notes and chords.

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