Playing live for Online Radio Stations at home help???
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    Default Playing live for Online Radio Stations at home help???

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    I was reading an article from a DJ a while back who was talking about different forms of practice.. like when she's doing practice sessions, she also plugs herself into online radio stations so that there's some pressure to not fuck off and be 100% conscious because there are actual listeners.

    I thought it was an interesting concept and wanted to try it out for when I'm at home for hours on end playing. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggest any resources to check out on how to get started? My genres are house and tech house, I have mixes I could submit?

    Thank you for reading
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    You've got what you need, mostly. When I was on internet radio, I either used Traktor's internal broadcasting (via shoutcast) or a second computer using some other app (it was so long ago, I don't remember what it was). If you're like normal people, you could probably use your smart(sic) phone for the broadcast portion, but it might take a little more hardware to actually get it a stereo input (guitarcenter and sweetwater have articles about what you need).

    As for finding internet radio streams...idk. Just search around. Digitally Imported used to run a handful of them, but I haven't looked at them in years. It seems like a lot of people use youtube or facebook live for that now, but you have to grow your own following as opposed to piggybacking on an established internet radio brand. If you're doing video, you definitely want to do the broadcast on a second computer (or possibly phone/tablet in a pinch).

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    Default internet radio

    I used to help run an internet radio station, first thing they will ask you to pay subs if so ask for a detailed report on how many listeners they have and when, how long there listening I think you will be shocked and may deter you from paying.

    if you still want to play on net radio an easy program would be Nicecast its good and easy to use.

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    You can do this with Mixxx 2.1 beta without needing a separate program or computer by using the Record/Broadcast input in Mixxx's Sound Hardware Preferences. You shouldn't need the SL3. You can use the DJM-900 NXS's built in sound card for a fully digital signal path without unnecessary digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions decreasing the sound quality. You'd need to configure the DJM-900 NXS to send the REC OUT in to the computer through Pioneer's control panel program (in the MIXER OUTPUT tab).

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