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    Default Traktoró>Serato cue points

    My S4 has bitten the dust so Iím practicing on a friends Numark NVII which I will use for gigs this summer. Long story short-Iím lovin it and want to switch to Serato but not without my cue points. Iíve dug around online and it looks like Iím SOL
    esp as a windows user but Iím ready to buy Rekord Buddy and borrow a Mac if thatís the only way...and even then Iíd like to read some first-hand accounts that itís possible...holler!
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    I've been looking for a solution to this for years being a Windows user myself. Got all excited when Rekordbuddy 2 was in the works assuming it was going to be windows supported. They say it's in the works, but it's been forever and I'm stopped holding my breathe.. if you go access to a mac, rekordbuddy. There's also a program called 'Dj Conversion Utility' which might be only for Traktor/Rekordbox, it's under $10. But guess what, MAC only! Lol. So much discrimination against PC users in this industry lol

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    Since we still have yet to get Rekordbuddy for Windows, I have been running Mac OSX in VMWare using a shared portion of my drive to handle music content. Then I copy and paste the database info where it needs to go. Its a painfully long process, but still faster than manually entering a crapload of cuepoints and grid information across three pieces of software.
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    Default beginner

    I am new to serato and Djing.
    I just downloaded serato dj so I can get started on practicing and all that good stuff.
    Now I watched a video on how to get started and in the video the guy entered an email and password and created an account but mine only shows that you can login from an already made account how do I create a new account and start my free trail?

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