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    So I just bought a midi fighter. Yayy.. My computer has 3 usb ports. Right now I am using 1 for my external hard drive, 1 for my controller, 1 for my LPD8, and I need one more for the midi fighter. I have heard of USB hubs to add a few ports, but do these really work well. And if so, do you guys know of any good ones.

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    Yeh mate just buy a USB Hub which will add a few more usb slots, only thing i can think of.

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    I picked up a powered truth 7 port hub the other week, great addition and it fit's everything I use

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    What type of laptop do you have? Right now I'm running the lpd8, vci, soundcard and a bcr on occasion, and I find that the hub that works with my docking station for my laptop (lenovo t60p) works great to give me more usb slots.

    Maybe look into a docking station, as I feel that they might offer better latency? (complete guess)

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