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    Hey all. I have a question that I was hoping one of you could help me with. I used to mix on an s4 before switching to a z2 with Tc vinyl.

    Now let's say two tracks were being mixed together. Track A is 88 bpm and track B is 128 bpm. On the s4 I could speed the 88 bpm track all the way up to 128 for the purpose of mixing the first few bars with sync lock set. At the cut, all I had to do was move the pitch fader 1mm and track A would snap back to its proper Bpm of 88. Boom! Perfect transition from 128 to 88.

    How can you reset tempo with a z2 when the sync has been engaged??? I've had problems where I accidentally hit sync on a deck and it doubles the tempo of my deck with no way of re setting it. Sometimes loading a different track then re loading the affected one will correct it but this isn't always the case. I tried mapping a tempo reset to my keyboard but it didn't do anything. I read somewhere that shift+sync button on the z2 would reset tempo but it doesn't work for me.

    Someone please help! This has screwed up several of my mixes while in the middle of a gig. I really need a solution.

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    With sync enabled, you can only reset the BPM of the Master Deck. You can use this command: Add In>Deck Common>Set as Tempo Master to switch deck to Master and then maybe set button action to "Invert" and reset the BPM with a same button.

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