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    Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place or very simple questions...... but I'm getting myself very confused.

    Simply, I have Ableton Live 9.7 on Windows PC and have just got a Midi Fighter Twister.

    Set it up, had a quick play - looks great. I've mapped some of the controls to a soft synth in Live - just what i wanted get a more hands on feel to play soft synth with.

    However this is where I get really confused - even after reading on internet. How do I save the midi mapping i've made so i can use it with my twister next time I load up Live and that soft synth?

    Thanks in advance

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    So I'm very new too and I'm just figuring this program out. Got a midifighter 3D as a New Years gift to myself So if my advice is like stupid or something I'm sorry

    There's 2 ways I've found to do this.
    1. You have to have access to the trial license from Ableton to be able to save and unfortunately there is no support unless you buy the program. If you don't have the trial license for some reason, it probably won't show anywhere you can save. Otherwise it's file and then save live set.

    If your trial license isn't coming up it could be a multitude of different things. No internet connection being the biggest one but that's so nonsensical cuz obviously you have it if you're posting on here :P BUT do check your firewall/antivirus and make sure it's not preventing Ableton from accessing stuff. It could've installed the program wrong and won't allow for authorization. Or, if you're like me and experience constant computer problems because your manufacturer doesn't know how to make computers it's probably something else that you won't be able to fix for the trial version unless you REALLY know your stuff

    2. I'm not sure if this works without a trial license but it was definitely something I overlooked when I first started. On your midimapping drum rack there's a tiny little save disk button on the top right. That will save the entire drum rack so you can pull it back up for different projects, not just the one you made it for.

    I really hope this helped, I was going to let someone else answer but it doesn't seem like this forum is very active

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    Post Another Idea

    One of the most useful and powerful areas of Ableton is the User Library section on the far-left of the screen. It's in the browser window, near the bottom. You can place anything you want there to recall it for future projects. It's especially useful when you've spent countless hours building the drums sounds you want or chopping samples that you want to use in another project. To your issue, you can also save instruments there as a way to save your own presets. All you would have to do is click and hold the top of the midi track you have your soft synth assigned to and drag it into your User Library (create a folder for it, you're going to want to be as organized as possible from the beginning).

    If that doesn't work, there are two other options. Either you can place your instrument in an Instrument Rack and assign the parameters you want to map to Macro knobs so you can easily reference and remap them if the mappings don't save, or you can simply save the entire set and reopen it was a template for anytime you want to create music with a soft synth in it.

    I'm definitely not an Ableton expert but I hope some of this has helped a little. Good luck and have fun!

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