Midi Fighter looping problem with Utility
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    Default Midi Fighter looping problem with Utility


    I just recently got my midi fighter twister but I keep getting problems with the utility. Problem is that when I connect the Twister , the screen tells me "Connect a midi fighter twister" and suddenly , the screen changes to the editor mode but then it quickly returns to the "connect the midi fighter twister" and it keeps doing that again and again , like a loop...

    Ive tried to install other versions of the utility and it is the same. Ive also tried to connect the twister into a direct usb port and also by HUB and nothing...

    Im using windows 10 on a PC and also I have a Novation lunchcontrol and an AKAI APC40 connected at the same time , could that be the problem?...

    I would appreciate your help! Thanks!

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    Happen to me once after updating the firmware. Did you try to uninstall the driver and than plug TW back in to a PC?

    Also, when plugging in Twister for the first time, be sure not to use USB sockets on your case front because those are basically an USB HUB's in 90% of cases. Instead connect it directly in to USB socket on your motherboard and let the software to install.

    Also have you tried different PC?

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