Borrow remix deck slot inc/dec etc setup from S4 mapping?
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    Default Borrow remix deck slot inc/dec etc setup from S4 mapping?

    I'm going to get an S4 MK3 in the next month or so but in the meantime have a great Faderfox DJ44 controller plus a Novation Launch Control XL.
    What I want to do is mimic the basics of the S4 remix decks on the Launch Control XL - it has 2 rows of pads with faders and 3 x knobs above them so looks like a potential great fit for having remix decks on C and D. I have cell 1 in slots 1-4 mapped to trigger on the upper row of pads on the XL and the faders to the slot volumes but what I really want to conquer is the actions of the row of (I guess) modifier pads below the trigger pad on the S4.
    Any ideas? Willing to pay something to get this happening


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    Hey niknok,

    You can send me a PM if you need help with mapping controllers in Traktor.
    I can come up with C + D remix decks allowing for 64 Sample Cell triggers, Pattern Recorder and maybe Shift Layer for Slot Mute and Slot FX assign.


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