Live studio session in The T3k L@b with me, m1sT3rL. This was the recording session for my latest installment of my mix series, The Erratic Beats Project.

The T3k L@b is a hybrid DJ rig. I run NI Traktor with 2 X1s, 1 F1 and an Akai LPD8. Then I have a Roland Aira rig. TR8, System1, TB3 and an MX1. I run everything into my Allen & Heath DB4, and yes I use 2 mixers when the Aira gear is running, the MX 1 being the 2nd. All of it is tied into the master tempo on Traktor.

Thank you in advance if you check it out. Cheers!
Streamable/ Downloadable Audio:
Full Session on YouTube:

Tracklisting for Volume 6 of The Erratic Beats Project is as follows:
1. Close Encounters sample “Play the pipe tones…”
2. Planet Funk - Inside All The People (Harvey’s Sleepy Ibiza Mix)
3. Goom Gum - Amplitude
4. Hot Chip - Hungry Child (Paul Woolford Sunrise Mix)
5. Danny Howells - Mayfeels
6. Black in Time - Democracy is Hypocrisy (Original)
7. Black in Time - Democracy is Hypocrisy (Acid Mix)
8. Psychemagik - Rattlesnake
9. Rex the Dog - Vortex
10. Black Peters - Hell’s Kitchen
11. Fish Go Deep - U No
12. Sebastian Leger - Forbidden Garden (Tim Green Remix)
13. Toman - Gypsy Girl
14. Kevin Saunderson as E-Dancer - Ponderous
15. The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On (Riton Extended Mix)
16. Matador & ARTBAT - Apollo 11
17. Dennis Quin - I’ll Take You
18. Danny Howells - Mallets
19. Francesca Lombardo & Hannes Bieger - A Million Souls
20. Andre Salmon, Cris Cobenal & Matthew - One Time
21. Sinisa Tomamovic - Hunger
22. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Adam Beyer/ Bart Skils/ Layton Giordani Renaissance Remix)
23. Luke Slater - Love
Marina Trench - Cascade
24. Socrates - Bowie
25. Sasha & Kolsch - The Lights
26. Ubu - Pixels (Guy Gerber Late Check Out Mix)
27. Raven Maize - The Real Life (Joey Negro Club Mix)