Midi Fighter 3D button as Trigger, Toggle, Gate
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    Default Midi Fighter 3D button as Trigger, Toggle, Gate

    Hi Guys,

    i'm new here and a couple days ago, i just bought a new midi fighter 3D. i was so happy with the button feel. better than any midi controller that i have. but i got problem when trying to modified the button control.

    previously i use traktor F1 to replace CDJ. i use my traktor with rekordbox software. and now i willing to replace my traktor F1 with midi fighter 3D to get more responsive cue button. but i got problem when trying to set trigger behavious on it.

    i've read some article relate to this issue, like one of moderator here.. Padi_04. i try to push 1 button, and hold and push another button, release it etc.. but it didn't work. sometimes work, but oftenly didn't. when Padi_04 said.. we can edit the code number later, yeah... sure i can change them on my rekordbox mapping.. but the button can't detect and read the code. all code always start with 82 or 92. and there's no one starts with B code.

    here what i want, please take a look on the attachment.

    really need your help.. appreciate for your help. thanks.
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